Minds on the Edge

The television program MINDS ON THE EDGE: Facing Mental Illness effectively illuminates challenging ethical issues as well assystemic flaws in program and policy design, service coordination, and resource allocation. These problems are contributing to a mental health system that is widely acknowledged to be broken. MINDS ON THE EDGE also provides a glimpse of innovative solutions that are currently being implemented across the country. These innovations, many shaped by the guidance and expertise of people with mental illness, offer promising solutions and hopeful direction to transform the mental health system.

Select the video graphic to watch the PBS hour long program in its entirety

(source:  mindsontheedge.org )
One of our greatest missions here at NAMI Four Seasons is to eradicate stigma locally and regionally. NAMI National has been fighting this cause for decades through StigmaBusters, but more and more organizations are gaining recognition for their work in fighting stigma. Below is a short public service announcement video from nkm2.org – No Kidding Me, Too.  Two other educational websites fighting stigma are Bring Change to Mind – bringchange2mind.org and One Mind for Research – 1mind4research.org.


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