Healing Voices – An International Screening in Hendersonville!


Friday, April 29
6:30 – 9 p. m.

Opportunity House
1141 Asheville Highway
Hendersonville, NC

Suggested donation $5 per person
You are invited to be a part of the grass roots, non-theatrical release of HEALINGVOICES, a social action, feature-length documentary which explores experiences commonly labeled as ‘psychosis’ or ‘mental Illness’ through the real-life stories of individuals working to overcome extreme mental states and integrate these experiences into their lives in meaningful ways.”

NAMI Four Seasons in collaboration with THRIVE and Full Circle Counseling & Wellness as community partners are sponsoring this documentary. Snacks and refreshments will be available. Proceeds will be utilized to cover the cost of the event. Any extra moneys will be shared and will benefit the participants of the various programs. We hope that the viewing of the documentary will shine light and hope into an area of mental health that is often misunderstood and feared. The panel discussion following the viewing will provide an engaging opportunity for dialogue.

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