February 2012 Newsletter

RemindersThe general education meeting is held the 3rd Saturday of each month @ 10:15 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Pardee Education Center at Blue Ridge Mall – Four Seasons Blvd.February’s Meeting: Feb. 18th – “In Our Own Voice” Read program write up below. Hope to see you there!

Fundraising – When you shop at Grove Street Co-op Hendersonville, bring your own shopping bag and receive a token for 10 cents. NAMI Four Seasons will have a collection box for the Bring Your Own Bag Program through April 30, 2012.

Publicity – Harris Teeter will feature our advertisement on their pharmacy bags through December 2012.

Polk County Family Support Group meets the first Monday morning each month. We meet in the Columbus community. At present there is an average attendance between 4-6 persons. We send e-mail reminders the week before. For info please call Annie @ 864-457-7278.

Polk County Consumer Peer to Peer Group – At present is posting announcements for a new group forming. Location has not yet been determined. Please call Ren @ 828-223-1835 for info if interested.

NAMI Four Seasons Support Group for family members or caregivers of an adult with a mental illness on: The 4th Saturday of each month at 10:00 a.m. at Grace Lutheran Church – corner of 6th Ave & Blythe. Co-facilitators are Bob Andersen and Joe Gernoske. Normally send email as reminders.

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by Adrienne Brady, President NAMI Four Seasons

I would like to make this year a record year for increasing membership, so that NAMI Four Seasons will continue to grow and not whither on the vine. It’s time that NAMI Four Seasons stopped being a well kept secret. There are many people suffering from mental illness in our community and families who struggle along with them who have no idea we exist.

The Mental Illness Awareness week event with speaker Pete Earley created a lot of interest and a great article in the Times News ( see our website under Publications/In The News), we have our newly designed brochures in many new locations, and our website is a reality together with our online newsletter.

We want to make all our members feel welcome and encourage active participation, be it by just simply talking about NAMI Four Seasons, or giving a talk at your local church, or contacting your president to do the talking! Creative fundraising ideas, helping to distribute brochures, offer transportation to people without cars so that they can attend support groups and meetings, become a support group facilitator (training is free), advertising ideas and opportunities, interesting links and articles for our website and monthly newsletter. We all have talents but sometimes we forget that we have them!

The more active members we have, the more our voice will be heard in this community, be proud to let the people know that you are a member of NAMI Four Seasons!

Please don’t hesitate to call me at 1-888-955-6264 with any questions and ideas.

Did you know? February is American Heart Month, and the Department of Health and Human Services launched a program called Million Hearts to combat heart disease. Its goal is to prevent 1 million heart attacks or strokes over the next five years through education and prevention programs. There are steps people can take to help protect themselves and their loved ones. Here are a few tips on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website.

• Be active for at least 30 minutes on most days of the week.
• Watch calorie intake and eat heart-healthy foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables. Reducing sodium and trans fat intake is also helpful.
• Ask your doctor if you should be taking a daily Aspirin.
• Reduce tobacco and cigarette use.
• Get your cholesterol and blood pressure tested and look into treatments if they are high.

As it stands now, one in every three deaths in the U.S. is from heart disease and stroke. Hopefully if people make smarter, heart-healthy choices, these numbers will change in the coming years.

Education Meeting

by Adrienne Brady, President NAMI Four Seasons

New Board Officers for 2012

by Barbara Smith

On Saturday, February 18, there will be an “In Our Own Voice” Program, (IOOV yet another acronym). An inspiring educational program developed by NAMI in which two trained speakers share compelling personal stories about living with mental illness and achieving recovery.March 2011 was the first time I had experienced this program and was truly impressed. Please join us as we hope to have our own newly trained IOOV presenter as one of the speakers.The Education Meetings are open to all those who are suffering from a mental illness as well as their family members/partners and friends. The new Board and officers for 2012 as follows:

Adrienne Brady – President

Annie Ewing – Vice President

Barbara Smith – Secretary

Ed Smith – Treasurer

Board Directors – Sara Hiles, Lisa Wilt, Katharine Smith and Bob Eisenbeil

A Good Time Had by All – January Meeting Recap

by Donna Lyerly (information taken from January 2012 recorded minutes by Barbara Smith)

At our meeting on January 21st, we installed our new Board Members for 2012 and showed appreciation to all those people who helped make 2011 a great year for NAMI Four Seasons. The meeting was turned over to President, Adrienne Brady by retiring President, Leslie Huntley. Adrienne recognized District Attorney, Jeff Hunt, and thanked him for his participation on the Pete Earley Panel, and presented him with a copy of Pete Earley’s book Crazy . Adrienne also presented Leslie with a beautiful potted orchid and pearl necklace as a token of thanks for all her work and dedication to NAMI Four Seasons over the years.

Adrienne gave a report on the task force and the plans for 2012. She also invited those that were interested in being on the task force to sign up on the Task Force Sign Up Sheet which was available at this meeting.

A luncheon followed the meeting; there was good food, networking and lots of visiting. A good time was had by all.

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